Our Mission

The Kentucky Foundation strives to provide facts about Kentucky's energy and natural resources to the public while encouraging efficient and environmentally sustainable development.

Who are we?

The Kentucky Foundation was established as a non-profit think tank to bring together a diverse group of organizations and individuals that are all involved in the responsible development of Kentucky's energy and natural resources while promoting public health, safety, and welfare, plus environmental stewardship.

Who can join?

Membership is open to such groups as the Kentucky Mining Institute, Kentucky Oil and Gas Association, the Kentucky Coal Association, the University of Kentucky Mining Engineering Foundation, and the Professional Engineers in Mining Practice Section of the KSPE. Membership is open to non-profit organizations, quasi-governmental groups, public agencies, and individuals who share the common Mission above.

Advisory Board

The Kentucky Foundation has expanded its advisory board to consist of a broad range of people including educators, librarians, professors, engineers, scientists, economists and attorneys who have knowledge of energy, natural resources and education. The Advisory Board members serve both as project contributors and approve projects and vendors.

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